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Pet Travel

The steps for travelling within the EU

An Animal Health Certificate is now required for pets travelling in the EU.

Unlike the old Pet Passport system, these certificates are valid for a specific length of time to cover a single trip only, so you will need a new Animal Health Certificate every time you travel in the EU with your pet.

There are four easy steps to getting an Animal Health Certificate:

  • Step 1

    Ensure your pet is microchipped.

  • Step 2

    Ensure your pet is vaccinated against Rabies*.

  • Step 3

    Ensure a minimum of 21 days elapses between the date of the Rabies vaccination and the date of travel. 

  • Step 4

    Get an Animal Health Certificate signed by an Official Vet - the Official Vet will only be able to sign this if you meet the criteria on the previous steps.

*Your pet must be at least 12 weeks old to receive a Rabies vaccination
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